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Different buildings

Different buildings

Two Different Buildings For The Same Application
2013-06-03 23:43:00 2017-09-03 07:06:04

Temporary buildings have become hugely popular over the last several years and – and for good reason.

They are quick to erect, can be installed on almost any surface and of course, you get the flexibility to hire so you can get rid of it as soon as you want to.

Those are just a few of the many plus points…..But as with most things, there are negatives too.

Workshop Building
Interior Workshop Building

For instance, the very design of temporary buildings with their PVC fabric roof covers and bolt to the floor design opens up huge difficulties when it comes to keeping the heat IN and the water OUT.

And that’s why I’m writing this piece now – as advice – for you to consider, if you are thinking of hiring or buying a temporary building.

For instance, type in the search term temporary buildings into Google, and up pops a number of companies with paid for adverts which take you to webpages proclaiming all sorts of promises!

• “The real alternative to a permanent building” says one. • “A 70% saving in building costs” says another. • “no ground works needed” says another. • “Can be used for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent use” says yet another. 
And on and on it goes.

Interior workshop

But really; are any of those statements true? Are they messages designed to help you decide whether it is the right solution to your problem, or ; are they messages to further these companies own business ends?

As you’ve probably guessed, I would say it’s the latter.

Interior workshop

You see, if you look closely, the companies which make these claims have only one type of building to offer, which is why they advertise them in the way they do. Far be it from them to be honest and advertise them for temporary use and ‘ideal’ certain applications. But the truth is, that’s what a temporary building is. They are ideal for certain applications. Otherwise – and if their statements are true – why do the companies who make those statements not operate their businesses out of temporary buildings? Exactly…..It’s called marketing puffery…..And this is why we have two divisions within our company offering two types of buildings… One temporary, and one permanent. And it’s why I can write this piece based upon experience giving you unbiased help and advice. Because rather than trying to ‘sell you’ the only type of building we offer, we’ll supply you the right building for the job.

Whilst the pictures (due to their size) do not really demonstrate the huge differences between the two types of buildings we offer, there really are huge differences. The temporary type on top are ideal for short-term use, can be installed without ground preparation and are ideal for storing low value goods or goods which are not susceptible to temperature changes. Whereas the one below is the very latest in permanent buildings giving all the long-term advantages of a ‘proper’ building, with the time and cost-saving advantages of a temporary building. So if you’ve got any thoughts for additional space why not give us a call – or email us with your questions, and we’ll do our very best to help you solve your space problems. One thing’s for certain: If you ever do come back to us for a building, you can rest assured we will supply you with the right building for the job – not the only type we have.

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