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Loading bay - hire or buy?

Loading bay - hire or buy?

Loading Bay Purchase — can you do the maths?
2011-04-14 23:18:00 2017-09-01 11:53:37

I don’t know about you, but maths never was my strong point.

But even the most mathematically challenged amongst us will be able to see why this recent installation makes so much sense.

A man from this Oxford based motor component manufacturer came to us asking for a ‘temporary canopy’ to extend and also protect their existing dispatch area because it wasn’t providing suitable cover, as it was.

He told us he wanted to hire a temporary canopy for a two or three year period, or until such time as the good times return, when they would then look to build a permanent extension.

But on looking at the area, it was clear it wasn’t really suitable for a temporary canopy due to the peculiar size, and height of his existing canopy.

So we suggested we supply him with a bespoke manufactured permanent canopy, which would be made to measure, and made to last – for around the same price it would have cost to hire a temporary canopy for the three year period….

And this is what we agreed to, and I think you’ll agree, the results pretty much speak for themselves.

the best temporary building for you On arrival to site
loading bay under consturction Framework under construction - day 2
loading bay external Building completed - in just 4 days
temporary building extension 750sq ft additional enclosed 
dispatch area

So like me, if maths is not your strong point, and you think that having a new canopy or extension to your factory is going to cost way too much, before you dismiss it completely out of hand, give us a call and let us give you an idea of cost.

I’m sure you’ll be very, very pleasantly pleased at how little it will ultimately cost, compared to more traditional building methods…

And when you think you can actually have a bespoke designed building or extension for around the same price you would pay to hire one of our temporary buildings for three years; you’ll soon realise it makes so much sense, and that you don’t actually need to wait for the good times to return.

That’s what lots of others are finding, anyway, so why not you?

If you want any assistance at all, please call Jason or email us and you can be assured, he’ll do his very, very best for you.

PS – Ross, our engineer also handled the planning application and dealt with building control too, which left the client to get on with his day to day stuff, without having to get involved at all.

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