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Why it really does pay to ‘buy british’ - when it comes to temporary buildings

Why it really does pay to ‘buy british’ - when it comes to temporary buildings

Smart-Space are a independently wholly owned and operated British temporary buildings company.
This article will discuss the advantages of buying British.
2018-09-17 04:05:00 2021-01-30 17:06:00
buy-british The Advantages of Buying British

This might seem like a contentious subject given we live in a globalised world with hardly any barriers or borders for trade. And it’s fair to say there are very few products we buy which aren’t influenced or supplied without components from elsewhere in the world. And for a one-off transaction where on-going support and service isn’t a factor, you could argue the case for geography not playing a part in your decision making process.

Only Us

However, when it comes to temporary buildings - especially when you rent as opposed to buy - we think it does pay to ‘Buy British’….And for good reason. Yes, we are the only independently wholly owned and operated BRITISH temporary buildings company. You might find that somewhat surprising, but it’s true.

Directly Employed staff

Believe me; we’re certainly not a bunch of ‘Brexiteers’ on a rant; far from it. But I believe the fact we’re based here, with an entire stock-holding of equipment, British sourced components, and a full-time directly employed team of staff, gives you a level of confidence and comfort you simply can’t get when you buy from an overseas based company with a solitary UK sales office.

No Outsourcing

First off, they have to import the building you wish to hire or buy, and then they have to employ sub-contract installers to install the building at your premises – which is how they keep their prices so low. And whilst the low prices you are quoted may be very appealing initially, can they actually deliver as quickly as you need it? What happens when there are parts missing, and what happens when (not if) there’s a maintenance issue once the building is finally installed? Because an easily and often overlooked consideration when you hire or buy a relocatable, demountable building is; it’s not going to be a maintenance-free experience.

365-day Support

The very nature of the beast is such, a door will jam, a wall panel will get damaged, a roof cover could well deflate…..These things all happen, and all too often, as you will find. But that’s not a problem when you buy from us because we’re here, and on hand seven days a week, 365 days a year to support you however and whenever you need us….In fact, we even have a dedicated department for maintenance and repairs.

Service Guarantee 

Better still, when you rent a relocatable temporary building from us, we offer this unique service guarantee. If you call to report a fault or request a maintenance call out and if we fail to attend within 24 hours of the agreed time, you will receive one week’s rent absolutely FREE!

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