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Our range of buildings continues to expand

Our range of buildings continues to expand

Developing the range so that our buildings are fit for purpose
From pop-up classrooms to special projects, we create exactly what our customers want
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pop-up-office Our range of buildings continues to expand

A vital part of our Smart-Space culture has always been to provide our customers with exactly what they need – not just what is convenient for us.

That led us (many years ago) to develop our core buildings to arrive at three different kinds – temporary, interim and permanent. However, recent times have called for us to continue to develop, flex and listen to our customers’ requirements, resulting in a far larger portfolio than ever before:

  • Temporary
  • Interim
  • Permanent
  • Pop up, relocatable classroom
  • Pop up, relocatable office
  • Maxi-span – vast, uninterrupted space up to 60m wide
  • Special projects – loading bay covers, airport customer areas, emergency structures

“The confines of our existing terminal building meant that we needed an external solution to enable us to properly perform additional checks and meet safety requirements at speed. Luckily for us this was available off the shelf when I enquired so we could organise an immediate install. The Smart-Space team responded quickly and both buildings were ready for use within a fortnight.”

Tony Hiorns, Leeds Bradford Airport

Our new pop-up buildings are incredibly substantial and feel great to work or study in – we use one for our own sales team. They can be located anywhere and moved quite easily.

The Maxi-span structures are vast and excellent for all manner of applications where a bright, airy space is needed without any upright supports for 60 metres!

We also jump to attention when we’re asked to solve a specific issue. Our loading bay covers have been really popular as they protect the products and people at work as they load and unload their vehicles in all weathers. We have also worked extensively with clients with an environmental focus.

“As with our previous experience with Smart-Space, all site works were well coordinated and the whole package came together quickly and as promised. We now have a new building that is itself a practical demonstration for our students of the application of technology to achieve sustainability.”

Simon Cotton, head teacher

If you look at other temporary building suppliers, they generally have one type of building which they adapt. We don’t work like that as we know that to be truly effective, the building has to be built for its intended use, for the proposed timescale. We use a variety of materials that make our buildings 100% fit for purpose.

And when it comes to providing the building you need, we enjoy the challenge of the whole project – either taking it on through design and build, planning permission, finishes, equipment and utilities – or just providing the building. Whatever you want from us, we are here to help.

Each of our building types can be used across many, many applications. We’re always pleasantly surprised when we learn of a new use – a church, showroom, sports business, school hall, battery charging buildings and many others. We’ve also been called upon to extend our buildings as the space has become increasingly useful.

If you have a need for additional space, talk to us - we enjoy providing solutions and making your space work for you.

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