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Roof on the road

Roof on the road

Industrial Building Loses Roof
2011-03-31 23:17:00 2022-12-12 21:06:20

By Antony Hunt

No. This isn’t an April fool, seriously. But did you hear the news?

Yesterday afternoon, due to the high winds, the BBC radio travel bulletins were warning of a ‘roof on the road’ because an industrial building roof had literally blown away and had landed on a busy carriageway.

Imagine that! Not only could it have caused injury or worse, death; it has also inevitably caused the unfortunate company untold costs in lost business, damage and not least, major embarrassment.

But you’d be surprised how often this is now happening, more and more.

Because as people look to make more and more savings, and suppliers become more and more desperate for business, more and more buildings are being supplied with absolutely no regard for the building regulations.

And it’s a recipe for disaster.

So please, don’t think for one moment this is meant 
to be some kind of a joke (due to the date).

It’s a deadly serious subject which emphasises why it’s so important to ensure any building or extension you have built, whether it’s temporary or permanent; complies with all necessary building regulation standards.

We’re more than happy to talk you through the details of how you can tell if a building or extension will comply, and of course; we’ll do our very best to help you with any requirements you might have coming along in the near future.

Andy and Jason are always available to speak to you on freephone +44 1827 330000, as soon as you’re ready.

PS – Here’s a couple of examples of recent installations we’ve completed on both the temporary building and permanent 
building front.

Hyundai Building 25mtr x 15mtr temporary car showroom 
to BS 6399
steel-loading-bay-stmitch-06 25mtr x 15mtr permanent warehouse 
to Building Reg PartL2A

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