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Building permission

Building permission

If you want to know how to instantly cut through the red tape of planning for your temporary building then read on…
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How To Instantly And Legally Cut Through The Red-Tape Of Planning

By Antony Hunt

You might not get excited about the subject of planning permission, and my wife has even said this is the most boring subject I've ever written about, but it IS nevertheless very important.

Because let's face it.There's nothing worse than red-tape standing in the way of you and more business.But the facts are; we're all having to cope with more and more red-tape as each month passes.

So if you will give me the next two and a half minutes to have a read through, I'll show you how to get all the space you need, without the delays of waiting - AND - without risking a penny.

The problem is, it can take months rather than weeks for an application to be granted, yet often; when you need additional space on site, the chances are.You need it NOW. You simply can't afford to lose valuable contracts whilst planners reach a decision.

But you can't just go racing ahead and have a building installed without the necessary permission.And ideally, you should make a formal application before you have the building installed, and await the outcome.

Trouble is though, doing it this way, you risk losing valuable contracts because unlike the authorities, your customers expect immediate decisions and action.

And because of this, it's becoming ever-more difficult to 'play it by the book'. For instance, if you put in a formal application (even if they give you positive feedback initially), it's going to take a minimum of eight weeks to have your permission granted.

Yet these delays are often critical, resulting in you losing valuable business, and the opportunity to take on new or bigger contracts.

So what can you do? I'll tell you:

  • You can go through the formal process in the hope things happen quickly and you're granted the permission you require.And hope you don't lose the opportunity in the mean time.
  • You can have the building installed and not even inform the authorities - which I do not recommend.
  • Or.You can have the building installed and apply for the permission retrospectively.

And whilst this isn't something the planning authorities welcome, it is nevertheless the only realistic way to keep your business moving forward, especially if you cannot wait for the authorities to grant you the permission you need.

Remember: You are legitimately within your rights to have a building installed for a period of 28 days without planning permission - so that's a start.

And given you are probably already operating in an industrial environment, and are applying for more of the same, such as an extension to an existing warehouse, you will most often gain the permission you require, without any problems at all - BUT - it does takes time.

In fact, the councils will grant you a temporary licence for anything up to seven years, and in almost all cases, you will get your permission, as I've pointed out.

But often, you do not have the luxury of time, and simply cannot wait, and if this is the case - there is a way I can help you .Here's how:

Here's An Instant Solution, And You Needn't Risk A Penny.

The last thing you will want to do is shell out tens of thousands for a brand new building to then find you have to have it removed if for some inexplicable reason, your permission is refused.

So what you can do is hire the building you need until such a time your permission is granted.And eliminate any financial risk whatsoever.

Here's how it works: You can have the building installed, and hire it by the week, whilst your planning request is being considered, and however long this takes, when the decision is reached - and if permission is granted - you can then take up the option to buy the building, and WE WILL CREDIT ANY MONIES YOU HAVE PAID IN HIRE, against the purchase price of the building.

Alternatively, if the decision goes against you and you are not granted the permission you've requested, you can off hire the building and we'll remove it.So all's not lost.

But Here's the best bit: If you are granted permission, it hasn't actually cost you a penny more because we will credit you the installation and hire charges you have paid.

On the other hand: If (for some reason) you are not granted the permission, at least it's bought you some time to continue with your business and take on new or bigger contracts - whilst you find a more permanent solution.

By the way, if you want any more in depth support or some specialist advice regarding planning applications, I know a guy who's worked with several of my customers to gain planning permission, and I highly recommend him, because he really is a specialist in this area. (email me if you want his contact details and I'll forward them on to you)

Alternatively, if you apply for permission and it's refused, you can appeal and this in itself will take months and months, which buys you even more time.

In fact, another guy I work with is a specialist in the area of planning appeals and if there is even the slightest chance, however improbable the decision be overturned, he will do it - I assure you.

So if you'd like to have the contacts for either of the chaps I've mentioned, or would like to discuss any of the issues with me, fell free to email me or call, and I'll do my very best to help you.

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