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How we offer absolute certainty to help decision making

How we offer absolute certainty to help decision making

How Smart-Space's guarantees can help you navigate an uncertain future
2021-02-25 23:00:00 2021-02-26 06:15:49
temporary-warehouse-tparc-03 Flexible agreements for whatever you need today

There are some things we can’t control - as we’ve all been experiencing for the past year.

When it comes to planning ahead and knowing what is needed we have a reasonably good idea - but the current climate means our usual confident decisions are haunted by feelings of ‘what if’ and niggling concerns that our decisions aren’t going to endure the test of time. It’s not good for our confidence levels.

For as long as you need

The way Smart-Space works (and has always worked) is that we understand the impossible challenge of forecasting - so we operate alongside you to mirror your commitment to a project. Rent from us for weeks, with no minimum time period. Change to buying the building at any time. Whatever your business model demands, we will work with you.

Industrial and commercial space needs can change quickly. What is right for you today might seem cavernous or ridiculously small in a few months’ time. We really do understand. Even with the confidence of a thriving business, purchase order confirmations and contracts signed with a flourish, we still don’t really know what’s around the corner. Brexit, the pandemic and a seismic switch to online shopping have all taken their toll. What’s next?

Give us the space and we’ll deliver a building!

As long as you can free up the space required at your premises, we will deliver and install one of our relocatable buildings in as little as 7 – 21 days from order. But more important than that, is that you get the flexibility to rent the space however you like: six weeks, months or years! And as soon as the time comes when you no longer need the building, you can terminate the rental with just seven days’ notice, penalty-free.

How do we do it?

We don’t believe any other supplier offers this. We are wholly based here in the Midlands, where we manufacture and stock the vast majority of our component parts. We offer a huge degree of flexibility which simply wouldn’t be possible if we were importing buildings, complete, to supply each customer.

We understand the market very well as we’ve been operating in it for over 30 years and have heard the tales from disgruntled people who find themselves locked into minimum-term contracts they cannot escape from - without facing significant financial penalties.

We are a sure thing

So, as this period of uncertainty continues, you can work with us, knowing that you can leave, change or extend your agreement with us at any time. That’s one certainty you can be confident in.

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