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Largest temporary building?

Largest temporary building?

Large Temporary Sports Building
2013-03-25 00:41:00 2020-12-23 02:48:52

Can you imagine a temporary building SOOOO big you can’t even fit it into one picture?

One that’s 185 metres long  x 45 metres wide? To give you an idea, that’s 90,000 square feet, if you still work in old money.

Let me tell you, whichever currency you work in, 90,000 sq ft is a huge area. Or to put it another way, about a third bigger than a premier league football pitch!

The bad news is, there’s a confidentiality agreement which bars me from publishing images or mentioning the name of the company we supplied it to.

The good news though, is whilst that particular company might have a set of draconian T’s & C’s, others we supply are not quite so secretive about doing their business…

Like this one for instance, which is a brand new sports hall we’ve just completed for a school in Warwickshire…

Exerior Sports Hall Building35mtr x 20mtr x 6.7mtr sports hall building 
with Goosewing Grey Cladding
Interior Sports HallInterior supplied to Sport England Specification
Sports Hall Reception The reception link from existing to new building

As you can see in the images above, this is a multi-sport facility which we built entirely from scratch including the concrete base through to overseeing the final completion of the internals.

Believe it or not, the school originally planned to have a temporary building, but when we worked out the final costs for the building you can see above, it was actually £78,000.00 less than our competitors quoted for a ‘tent-type’ temporary building.

And look what they’ve got for their money….A permanent building which has cladding warranties for 35 years, with insulation values to Building regulation L2 standard.

For less than they were quoted for a temporary building!

Anyway, whilst you might not be in the market for a new sports hall, and probably don’t need anything like 90,000 square foot of additional storage space.

If you’ve got a need for literally any sized building for literally any period of time, we’d love to hear about it to see if we can help you out.

Give Jason a call on 07971 542357 or email him on jason@smart-space.co.uk and he will do his very best to come up with a solution which suits your application and budget.

Fair enough? I hope so and hope we get the chance to help you out.

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