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The vital part played by our operations teams

The vital part played by our operations teams

Why our operations teams are the vital link
2021-01-25 23:00:00 2021-01-30 15:46:26
andy-freeman Andy Freeman, Operations Manager

“Every member of the team works together, secured by compliance and managed with a careful eye and practical hand.”

There’s a level of efficiency that exists within the Smart-Space operations teams that is somehow intangible. We usually only realise exactly what goes on behind the scenes – and how much goes on - when something doesn’t go completely to plan. Warehouse, site surveys, compliance, logistics, installations, maintenance and support all come together to fulfil whatever is needed by the customer, initially specified by the sales team.

Andy Freeman, Operations Manager, oversees all elements of the operations infrastructure.

“It’s important that we work towards the same goal, understanding our own roles and also how we all fit together” explained Andy. “We don’t have different service levels, we consistently aim high. We operate to the highest standards and have built a team who all know what they’re doing so we can provide the best, most hassle-free experience. It’s a fluent, flexible approach underpinned by experience - and it works.”

Communications keeps everything ticking over effectively. A weekly ops meeting, visual display boards and the usual flurry of email and conversation that underpins every detail all help to keep everything closely under control. Additionally, Lisa Clarke has recently moved across from accounts into an administrative role, working between sales, ops and finance to introduce a further layer of cohesion to the business.

Janice Hudson also plays a key role supporting the team as Operations Administrator. Organising accommodation for our crews and ensuring that everyone is in the right PPE is incredibly important and currently very challenging of course.

Appreciating how it all fits together...


managed by Matt Lymer, the Smart-Space warehouse has undergone something of a transformation in the last year. It has been reorganised with new, designated areas for specific tasks, an improved cage-based storage system, automated stock control and staffed by an enthusiastic, hard-working team.


Ryan Gibson oversees all aspects of compliance, both internally at Smart-Space and on-site for each customer installation. A vast pool of knowledge, understanding and experience is matched with essential, supporting paperwork, often painstaking but always vital. Much of the documentation produced is a representation of Smart-Space’s unwaivering attention to health and safety, especially as the company is usually the principle contractor and responsible for everyone involved on-site.

Project delivery:

managed by Russ Slater, the operations team work hard to deliver exactly what is required, on time and as seamlessly as possible. Russ will double check the details, confirm the project’s viability and navigate any challenges presented. Russ is a master co-ordinator of the client’s site, Smart-Space people, the client’s site manager, equipment suppliers, the actual build and customer care. He described it as a ‘domino effect’ where everything needs to be exactly in place at the right time. Once the build is complete, Russ continues to be a point of contact for any future support.

Site surveys:

these are undertaken by Will Mason, Smart-Space’s site surveyor - and almost all of Smart-Space’s projects benefit from a visit. He attends site before the project is fully scoped to check for a number of issues – hazards, access, utilities, to obtain any drawings and do a general feasibility study. His main aim is to prevent any surprises in the build by pre-empting and checking through any concerns. His visits are backed up by CAD drawings, 3D visuals, desktop survey results and any other useful documentation he puts together in relation to the site. Will’s input often helps the client to visualise the end result, particularly if changes need to be factored in to the original plans.

It's a cohesive effort

Every member of the team works together. Each benefits from the research, understanding and integration that results from the combined expertise and positive approach. It’s all secured by compliance and managed with a careful eye and practical hand. It is only when you dig deeper that you can see exactly how much goes on – and just how orderly and efficiently it is - between the point of signing for the order and taking the keys on a ready-to-use Smart-Space building.

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