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How to beat the weather

How to beat the weather

Protect your goods with a loading bay extension
2014-03-12 00:56:00 2017-07-22 04:25:03

How many times have you switched on the wireless recently to hear the weather report beginning “more lingering showers”.

And have those ‘lingering showers’ affected your business?

If yes, you’re not alone, because this winter more than any other, we’ve seen a huge rise in the amount of loading extensions we’ve supplied.

In fact, just last month, we’ve done five.
Three of which are pictured here.

beat-the-weather-stcc-350-01 10mtr x 10mtr loading extension in Kingfisher Blue
beat-the-weather-stun-350-03 7mtr x 25mtr Air-lock loading bay Goose-Wing Grey
beat-the-weather-stlp-350-02 15mtr x 15mtr loading extension Goose-wing grey

Let’s face it, you can’t risk leaving an unwrapped pallet of goods outside for even five minutes, given how the weather’s been.

And you can’t realistically have your staff dodging the showers whilst trying to load and unload vehicles.

So it’s fair to say, you can’t change the weather, but you can change the impact it’s having on
your business.

Or rather, we can. All we need is an approximate dimension and Jason will whizz you an approximate cost over without obligation or charge.

And if you like the look of what we’re offering, he’ll then come along to confirm we can do what we say we’ll do.

And from that point on, you could be just three – four weeks away from saying goodbye to weather worries once and for all.

It couldn’t be any easier. Really.

Give Jason a call on 01827 330000 or email him at 
jason@smart-space.co.uk and he’ll give you a price without obligation, in no time at all.

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