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2016-02-18 23:53:00
Mar 05 2018
Mar 03 2018

3rd party space vs temporary warehouse buildings

When in need of short term space, are you better off acquiring 3rd party space or getting a temporary warehouse building?
Mar 02 2018

How much do temporary buildings cost?

Temporary building cost a great deal less than conventional bricks and mortar equivalents but the actual cost depends on quite a few factors, as you might imagine.
Feb 12 2018

New car showroom for FG Barnes

A rapid solution without compromising on quality
Jan 16 2018

Permanent workshop for Bolt Building Supplies

Permanent workshop to meet growing demand for engineered flooring systems
Nov 03 2017

How to choose the right temporary building to get value for money

You can purchase or hire a temporary commercial structure to accommodate almost any application and any size requirement. The question is, how to get the best value for your money.
Jan 10 2017

More security for our website users

We have never had a data breach, primarily because we do not store any client data on-line. Never the less we have now fully encrypted our website.
Dec 16 2016

second hand buildings for sale - rare opportunity

NOW SOLD - Very rarely do we offer used buildings for sale, but here is a rare opportunity to purchase a fully customised used building.
Dec 21 2015

Supplementary storage for kitchen manufacturer

Sigma 3 sought to improve efficiency by bringing the stock into one location and closer to the main building so that it could be fed directly into the cutting machines.
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