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2016-02-18 23:53:00
Aug 20 2018

The temporary buildings service you can rely on

Client feedback is an essential part of any business operation. This month we reached the 100 responses milestone. We thought you might be interested in what our customers said.
Aug 16 2018

3rd party space vs temporary warehouse buildings

Hiring a relocatable temporary building may prove to be a more attractive option than buying a semi-permanent building.
Aug 09 2018

5 main benefits of working with a UK business

Where temporary buildings are concerned there are some other tangible benefits of working with a UK owned and based company.
Aug 07 2018

Quick turnaround when you need temporary buildings

Whatever reason you have for needing temporary space, our job is to fulfil your order and install your building as quickly as possible.
Aug 02 2018

a big (financial) health warning.....

Choose the right type of building for your needs.
Jul 18 2018

We're proud to support Made in the Midlands

At Smart-Space we are proud to be members of Made In The Midlands, a manufacturers association representing nearly 450 businesses in and around the Midlands.
Jul 12 2018

Flexible rental agreements with no up front payments

There is nothing worse than being tied into a lengthy contract termination period because you end up paying for what you don’t need. Learn more here.
Mar 23 2018

Relocatable building vs building a new unit

We compare getting a relocatable building with building a new unit and help you make the right choice!
Mar 08 2018

What is a temporary building?

Seems like a simple enough question, but there’s a lot of confusion about the answer.
Mar 06 2018

Why it really does pay to ‘buy british’ – when it comes to temporary buildings

When it comes to temporary buildings - especially when you rent as opposed to buy - we think it does pay to ‘Buy British’….And for good reason….
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