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3rd party space vs temporary warehouse buildings

3rd party space vs temporary warehouse buildings

Advantages of investing in temporary relocatable buildings over 3rd party space.
Hiring a relocatable temporary building may prove to be a more attractive option than buying a semi-permanent building.
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3rd Party Space 3rd Party Space Vs Temporary Warehouse Buildings

It’s usually a very good sign for your company when you need to expand your warehouse capacity. The downside is often the new facility must be identified and executed very quickly. The driver is probably a sudden upturn in business, perhaps represented by a new client or a new service being offered. Speed is of the essence, but if you act in haste and it’s not thought out carefully, it may well lead to bad decisions on your part. Even when acquiring short term space through a third party, you don’t want to find after 3 months, it’s unsuitable and have to repeat the exercise all over again.

A Customised Space Solution Seems An Obvious Best Choice

However, with our range of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings, you have an exceptional degree of flexibility in designing the overall space exactly the way you want it. We can fabricate to most any layout plan and; we do it quickly and always cost-effectively. One of the great benefits of our relocatable temporary buildings is; you can easily extend your own warehouse space in as little as 7-21 days; saving you all the costs associated with renting off site space.

And with our range of permanent buildings and extensions, compared to traditional bricks and mortar alternatives the advantage quite simply is; massive cost savings AND speed – having a purpose designed extension or stand-alone building on site and operational in as little as 7 – 21 weeks!

Hire Vs Purchase

Depending on the expected period of use, hiring a relocatable (temporary) building may prove to be a more attractive option than buying a semi-permanent or permanent building. That said, if you own the property you operate from, you may well find buying one of our permanent buildings will add to the asset value of your property whereas buying a relocatable (temporary building) will not.

If you are considering building a permanent bricks and mortar building or extension, the costs, disruption to your business and the sheer time it takes may preclude this from even being an option? Not with our permanent buildings and extensions though, because we can design, fabricate, supply and erect at a fraction of the cost of traditional building methods – as many of our clients will happily testify.

And it’s for this reason, more and more companies who initially contact us asking for temporary buildings, quickly realise the massive cost savings along with the speed of supply and installation makes one of our permanent buildings a far better option.

In Summary

Whether you are looking for a short-term or temporary solution to tide you over a busy trading period or to fulfil a specific contract; or whether you’re looking for a much faster and more cost-effective alternative to a traditional permanent building, we can help you either way – without disruption to your business.

Why not call us free on 0808 250 3172 for an informal, friendly chat about your requirements and plans. That won’t cost you a penny, and we’re convinced you and your company will benefit greatly.

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