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Small Temporary Storage Building

This small single roller door unit is ideal for storage purposes. It can be supplied in either insulated or an un-insulated format depending on the items to be stored. It may be customised to your requirement.
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small-storage-building-for-sale This image is for illustrative purposes only the actual building may differ from this.

Specification  **SOLD**

1 x 10mtr Span x 15mtr Length x 4.4mtr Side-Height

Aluminium Frame:

A-Frame aluminium profiles 170/88/3 with steel galvanized, purlins, inserts and baseplates (Manufactured to Building Regulation Code BS 6399 Wind and snow using a set of generic calculations. Site specific calculations available at extra cost)

PVC textile Roof:

Insulated Version

Un-Insulated Version


Twin-layer air-insulated 700grm PVC roof with Smart-Space lock-down system.
(This system insulates the roof to avoid any condensation build up.)

Single-layer 700grm PVC roof with Smart-Space lock-down tension system.

Steel Wall cladding:

Insulated Version

Un-insulated version


40mm insulated steel cladding in goose wing grey

0.7mm guage Plastisol coated Steel cladding in goose wing grey.

Industrial Guttering:

170mm fast-flow system with downspouts to drainage points (To be confirmed)

Roller Shutter Doors:

1 x 5mtr wide x 4mtr high hand-chain operation galvanized steel.

1 x 76mm Standard Concave laths / Steel End locks / Wind End locks (To Category 5).

Personnel Doors:

1 x single access width (1mtr x 2mtr) steel lockable pedestrian fire door


3 x 400 watt low bay lights fitted to ridge line. Includes all link cabling
(client to supply power and distribution board-TBC)


Used Condition Purchase Options




To Deliver and Install (all prices are subject to VAT)

Depending upon Location

Depending upon Location

temporary building as specified above



Rainwater guttering as specified above



Roller shutter door as specified above



Personnel door as specified above



Lighting as specified above



Total Cost (Deduct any items not required)



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